Free Beading Projects for Kids

Kids Crafts Using Beads to Make Jewelry

I started developing free beading projects for kids in the summer of 2000 when I was asked to teach an 8-session after-school class at a neighborhood center. The students were 16 girls, ages 8 to 12.

These are my notes and project pictures from those classes. I hope these free beading projects will be useful to others who teach kids, or as projects to do with your own kids, or just fun stuff to do yourself.

I hesitated before including these on the website, as they wander off at times from both our theme of seed beads and also of seed bead work as art, but how are we going to get the next generation of bead artists if we don't get them started beading? So perhaps you, too, will reach into your stash beads and find that you already have many of the materials to teach a class yourself.
Free Beading Project 1

Class 1 -- Memory Wire Bracelets

You can click on the picture to go to the Memory Wire Bracelet page.
Free Beading Project 2

Class 2 -- Crystal Necklace

Crystal Necklaces are fun and sparkly. What could go wrong with that?
Free Beading Project 3

Class 3 -- Knotted Necklaces on Waxed Linen Cord or Leather

Knotted necklaces can be great projects for boys as well as girls.
Free Beading Project 4

Class 4 -- Spiral Rope Bracelets

Spiral Rope Bracelets look complex and elegant but I have had good results teaching it to kids as young as 8.
Free Beading Project 5

Class 5 -- Treasure Fringe Pins

Flirty fringed pins with tiny treasures at the ends of the fringe and a larger "treasure" front and center give kids experience with some fundamental seed bead skills.
Free Beading Project 6

Class 6 -- Stretch Bead Bracelets

Stretch bracelets go together fast and are fun to wear.
Free Beading Project 7

Class 7 -- Choker with Pendant

This class produces a satisfying piece of jewelry that feels very grown-up.

Class 8 -- Final Class, Plus Thoughts for Teachers

The 8th class gave us a chance to do a last bit of beadwork. This link also tells a little about the graduation event and concludes with some ideas for teachers to consider in planning their own classes.

More Free Beading Projects!

At the website,, published by Wanda Epps, you will find instructions for more easy projects. For starters, check out learn how to make a lanyard with seed beads.

Can I Ask for a Favor?

In creating this section of the website, I have assumed that readers would be beaders who had some experience, so I have not included detailed instructions for all the projects, because I thought you would just see how the details work from the pictures plus the information that I have included.

I might be dead wrong about this assumption. If you are confused about how to do some part of one of these projects, or frustrated by instructions that are not specific enough for you, please send me your questions and your comments. I will use them to improve the website.

Also, if you have ideas for other beading projects for kids and would like to share them with people who are looking for good activities for their youth group or their own family, I encourage you to send them along. I will be delighted to credit you with any idea of yours that I publish here.

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