Stretch Bead Bracelets

Kids Beading Class 6

The stretch bead bracelets were a great class to follow the treasure bracelets. The power bracelets provided instant gratification, and most of the girls produced several bracelets during our class.


Assorted beads

Stretchy cord

Tools and Teaching Materials

Made-up samples of the bracelets, some all one kind of bead, some with a pattern


Samples of next project

The Class

We had a pretty good variety of beads to choose from, and lots of stretchy cord, so some girls made a bunch of these. Others worked to finish projects from the last two classes, if they had not completed them and wanted to do so.

The hardest part of the bracelets was sliding the cord through some of the beads as we did not use needles for this project. Then a simple knot, trim the ends (not too close!) and it's a bracelet.

The skills I had thought of in this class were all about designing a bracelet you like out of the available beads, but there was also a chance to further develop eye-hand coordination, and a bit of patience.

At the end of class, I showed a couple of samples of the beaded necklace with a pendant that we would make at Class 7.

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