Free Bead Projects

The free bead projects here can be used alone or to use the skills you are developing in the Bead University part of the website.

You may choose to select a project first, then go over to the Bead University area to pick a particular skill to work on as you do the project. If you want to take whatever you already know and leap into the beading projects, There are lots of ideas here to help you do that. It can be really satisfying to go from a pile of beads to a completed bead project. It's also fun to figure out what to do with some unfinished objects (UFOs) you have lying around, or to figure out what you can make with the beads you already have on hand.

So have a look at the projects here, and use the ideas in the ways that make your beading fun!

Six Beaded Cabochon Brooches

Six beaded brooches preview

Here are six variations on making beaded brooches by surrounding a central cabochon with seed beads, crystals, or other beads. A few includes special embellishment and they are all extremely sparkly, as befits the very sparkly central pieces in them. Instructions for finishing the brooches is also included.

Bead Embroidered Metal Box

The metal box topped with bead embroidery is something I've been playing with lately. You will find lots of variations on the bead embroidery part of the box over on the Bead University part of the website, but here is a basic version with all the instructions for finishing the box. These are a great answer to the question of what to make for the men in your life!

Really Thrifty Bead Projects

Practical Uses for Beaded Samples not only gives you free instructions, but you can probably make some of them with leftover swatches of beadwork, so you may not need to buy anything to complete some of them. If you have a box or bag of Unfinished Objects or little bits of beadwork from trying out a new stitch or a particular color combination, this may help you clear out some of that beady clutter while you make something useful. Take a look and see what ideas you get.

More Beading Projects

The Kids Beading Projects pages have 7 different projects easy enough for kids and fast enough for adults who want a fun project that doesn't feel like a major life commitment. You'll find a variety of bracelets and necklaces, as well as the little seed bead Treasure Pin shown here.

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