Tips on Good Beading Light

You need good beading light for several purposes.

First is just to be able to see well enough to do detailed work.

Second is to see colors accurately, and to see them in a way that is similar to how the finished work will be viewed. The safest assumption for most work is that it will be seen by daylight or incandescent light. But if you are working on a piece to be displayed in an office lit with regular florescent lights, at least check your bead colors in the same type of light to be sure they still look okay when lit in that manner.

If you have made up a small sample, why not take a couple of minutes to check how it looks under "daylight" bulbs, florescent bulbs, halogen, incandescent, and other forms of lighting.

Check it in real daylight, too. It will look a bit different under each, and that's okay, but you can at least check that it doesn't look icky under any common form of lighting before you invest hours (maybe hundreds of hours)in a project.

All light bulbs, tubes, etc., have their own color cast and you don't want to have to sell a special lamp along with your beadwork so it will look okay when the customer takes it home.

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