Beading Contests at Fire Mountain Gems

Seed Beads Jewelry-Making Contest

Of all the beading contests at Fire Mountain Gems and Beads, The 2011 contest for seed beads opens January 11 and closes March 7, 2011.

Your entry must be comprised of at least 50% seed beads and at least 50% of the materials used must have been purchased from Fire Mountain.

The Fire Mountain folks have been running their annual contests for some time now and the contests provide a lot of the fabulous beadwork that you see in their catalogs and their ads. When you enter any of their contests you are agreeing to the use of pictures of your work in their print and web publicity and marketing materials. In exchange, they offer the chance to win Fire Mountain gift certificates worth up to $1000. That's a lot of beads!

The 2011 categories for seed beads include Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Home Decor and Doll, Wedding and Holiday, and Fashion Accessories.

You will need to submit a photo of your work, either online or mailed on a CD, along with the entry forms. If your piece is chosen as a finalist, you will have to ship it to Fire Mountain at your own expense. When the judging is finished and they have photographed the artwork for their purposes, they will ship the piece back to you at their expense.

I entered the 2010 edition of this contest and one thing that I liked about the way they handled things is that they sent back a nice Finalist Certificate when they returned the work. The certificate included a photo of my work and was in a cute "frame" folder of stiff paper.

Of course, what would have been even better would have been to have them send me a Grand Prize gift certificate for $1,000, but I have to admit that the piece that won my category was awesome. . . .

Other Fire Mountain Contests

Fire Mountain has contests throughout the year for different catogories of beadwork. These include Swarovski Elements; Metal Clay, Metal Bead, Wirework & Chain; Glass' Gemstones; and Pearls, Organic Beads & Kato Polyclay. I imagine that these contest areas will vary somewhat from year to year, but you can check out the upcoming contests as well as look at the winners of precious contest at this page.

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