What Happens in a Beading Class?

If you have wondered what happens in a beading class and whether it could help you learn better or faster, or if you have hesitated to take beading classes because you don't know enough to even ask the right questions, this may help. . . .

Inside a One-Day or Multi-Day Beading Class

In a class that is a day or longer, you can expect that the class will start with some information about your teacher and her background. She may show slides or actual pieces of beadwork that she has done. These will generally include pieces that show you some of the scope of her work that is beyond the topic of the current class.

There will be an introduction of the project or skills to be learned. There will usually be samples you can study; these may include both finished pieces and various components of the design.

The teacher will often ask students about their background and comfort with the specific skills used in this class. If you feel you are a bit weak on some part of the essential skills that are prerequisites for the class, this is a good time to talk to the teacher and find out if she believes you can succeed with this.

There will be an overview of the class itself. This will tell you what the teacher hopes to accomplish by the end of the class, and will usually tell you what will be covered in each half day, or each quarter of a day.

You Begin Learning the Skills for the Project

Around this time, you start in on your project. The first steps may not involve beads yet, because you may need to plan out your project or select your bead colors from among several options. Or you may need to construct a simple loom. Or whatever.

The instructor will usually demonstrate each skill to be learned. All the students may huddle around so they can see what is being done. Sometimes an instructor may take a sample around to each student and repeat the demonstration. If you have trouble seeing what is being done or understanding it, the instructor will almost certainly be willing to show you again.

At some point, everyone is going to be working on their own projects and the instructor will be moving around the class, helping with problems and proving feedback and ideas.

The class will continue in the rhythm of a demonstration and explanation by the instructor, followed by individual work. Then more demonstration, and so on.

As the day progresses, some students will be much farther along on the project than others. This is to be expected. The instructor will do her best to make sure that students who haven't yet reached a certain step know what to do when they do get there.

In some classes, most students will complete the project by the end of the class. In other classes, the project is sufficiently involved that no one is expected to finish by the end of the class. Instead the goal is to have learned how to do each part of the project so you can finish at home.

A One or Two Hour Class

You might decide to take a short one-evening class, probably at your local bead store, or maybe at the park district or the community college. Popular first beading classes teach either bead stringing or making simple earrings.

There will generally be a very brief introduction by the teacher and a display of finished projects and materials and tools used to make them. You may get some time to select your own materials or the instructor may have set up a little kit of materials for each student to use.

If you will be using tools, then there will be a little practice handling the tools, and demonstrations of how to use them. You will practice the skills and generally emerge from the class with one or two pairs of bead-on-wire earrings, or a simple strung necklace.

The cost of beads may or may not be included in the class price, so be sure you understand whether you will need to pay extra for beads and other materials.


Beading classes are a great way to learn. It can also be a nice way to meet and get to know other beaders, especially in the longer classes.

Check out the options for classes near you, or at a large bead event. A bead class can be a lot of fun and can teach you skills you will use for decades.

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