Virginia Brubaker's Portfolio

My Websites

Business Website: Illini Hypnosis

I have built a number of small-business websites in the past, but when I moved from the Chicago area to Champaign, I took those sites down. Currently I have a small-business site for my part-time hypnosis and counseling practice. You can see it here.

Hobby Website: Seed Bead Smarts

I also have a hobby website that I started last summer. You can see its title banner at the top of this page. There are about 50 pages on this site so far, and they show a lot of my photography as well as page layout and navigation. I believe the site also demonstrates my ability to write clear and friendly text. To go to the home page for the site, click here.

Art Website: is a small gallery website that shows off my bead art. This simple site features two articles and photos of some of my artwork. It has gotten me invitations to participate in shows and to include my work in published collections.


For an example of product photos that sell, I have uploaded a group of pictures that I took and then used to make a website to help sell our house in Skokie, Illinois, in 2008. As it was a tough time to sell a house, we wanted to give ourselves any advantage we could.

The family that bought the house said that they had looked at the website before and after touring the house. They made an offer four days after the house went on the market.

You can see a representative sample of the photographs here.

Some Other Photoshop Projects

I used Photoshop Elements for several years to edit and improve my photos before making the transition to Photoshop CS3. Here are a few examples of projects I have created with Photoshop.

Personalized Promotion

This business card was used as a social promotion item. At my former office in Skokie, I took clients' pictures then I gave 10 of these personalized cards to clients who stopped smoking, so they could share the benefits with their friends.

Magnetic Car Sign

This magnetic sign was created with Photoshop.

Newspaper Ad

This 2-column by 13" ad can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here.

Handout Used in Selling Our House

This handout with some photos, floor plans, and a link to the website was available to people who toured our house when it was on the market. You can see a full-size PDF of the flyer here.